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Dylan Motorsports is proud to offer the most complete skid plate system for the Arctic Cat Prowler with six different levels of protection to choose from. Our kits are completely bolt on and made of lightweight aircraft aluminum which offers protection while allowing for vital air flow to the radiator! Our innovative floor boards offer the traction necessary in multiple directions for the driver and passenger while entering and exiting as well as for those unpredictable moments you may encounter! The front and rear guards are made form multiple pieces for rigidity with holes for mud and debris drain. The skid plate system also allows for easy access to vital hardware. Our vented guard for the under bed box allows the heat from the exhaust to pass through while protecting the muffler, differential and brake lines. The A-Arm guards offer protection to the brake lines, drive lines and the CV Joints. The guards are engineered for full A-Arm movement. Rear guards offer protection from obstacles while backing up or getting snagged by rising debris. Kick plates and a tailgate cover are accessories to the kit and include the Cat Eye design. To continue the protection of your Arctic Cat Prowler we offer rear inner fenders as well. As models change so do designs. The Prowler shown in these pictures is a 2006 model and although we will attempt to make parts for previous and later models available, we are always updating our designs, so please contact one of our sales representatives for up to date information.

Price 1079.00 and of course all parts are offered seperately also.







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    • By Blaine
      Was wondering if anyone knows how to check a waterpump on a 2013 arctic cat prowler 1000 XTZ My cat overheated  and I was not working it that hard Have checked for antifreeze in oil in case it was a head gasket but its clean 
      Next step will be to check pump and thermostat I know how to check thermostat  but clueless on checking pump I did refill rad and the started machine with cap off and coolant level did not change
    • By Cody Brown
      Not sure how better to describe it other than no lights, head lights, dash lights, no cycling of fuel pump when the key is turned, no starter activity, etc.  checked all fuses in the fuse box under the driver seat (anyone know of any other fuses I might have missed?).  Hooked starter up directly to the battery for a split second and it cycled fine.  Same with the radiator fan.  This machine was running fine during a ride, and my son hit a bump, it died, and never came back.
    • By Davescat
      I have an 2019 Caterpillar cuv85. Which is the same as the prowler pro and the tracker800sx and prob many more. What is everyone doing for a lift? I need more ground clearance. I have seen 1 lift available. But is this the only thing I can do?
    • By GQStone
      One of my hunting camp partners owns an Arctic Cat Havoc. ( Possibly 2019 model) and yesterday we had it out on the trails and was running fine. Shut it off to do a few things and when restarted we can not get it to go over 4500 RPM. We tried shutting off several times and restarting but still nothing. Topped off with fresh clean gas also. It moves and goes but will not go above that. Any ideas of what could be the cause?
      Thanks for any help in advance.
    • By CYJSP2009
      Dear Friends, 
      2022 Brand new Joyner CV Axles and CV  Joint rebuild kits are comming 
      1.  S650. ---Joyner 650 Commando Rear
      2. TR1100. --- Joyner Trooper Front 
      3. TR1100. --- Joyner Trooper Rear
      4. D650. --- Joyner 650 Sand Spider Rear Left 
      5. D650. Joyner 650 Sand Spider Rear Right 
      6. SV800. --- Joyner 800 Viper, SV1100 Drive shaft Left
      7.  14274 --- 650 ider rear left, rear right, 800 MV; 800Viper, SV1100 Drive shaft rear left and rear right outer cv joint rebuild kit
      8. 15803  ---  650 Sand Spider rear left, rear right, 800 MV; 800Viper, SV1100 Drive shaft rear left and rear right outer cv joint rebuild kit
      Attached are the part photos for reference. 
      Above parts are now on the way to USA, will be ready for inland delivery in middle of July. 
      Price: CV Axle: USD250/ Piece;  CV Joint kit (without grease): USD110  send to door. 
      There will be special discount availabe for deals completed within July 2022.  
      Buy 1 piece: Get 5% discount, 
      Buy 2 pieces: get 10% discount.
      Buy 3 pieces: get 15% discount, 
      Buy 4 and more than 4 pieces: get 20% discount. 
      Please kindly note Qty for each part is not big  and it is hard to forcast when there will be next offer for these kind of products unless there is sufficient confirmed order qty for productioin arrangement. 
      Payment method: Payoneer payment link ( can pay through bank account or credit card) or Paypal ( [email protected]) .  Payment commission paid by the buyer. 
      Interested parties, please contact [email protected]
      Good Luck
      Casey / Leaf Asia

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