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I've been looking for a Lowrance GlobalMap 540C. After much searching, without success, I decided to look at the Eagle IntellaMap 502C. They are available and much cheaper than the 540. About the only difference is the screen resolution and the fact the screen is not square.

I bought one for $339.00 delivered on eBay. It's brand new with the factory warranty. For an additional $35.00 I bought a three year extended warranty from Square Trade. It is a marine unit so it's waterproof and should handle the vibration.

It's really a nice unit. It can be read easily jn the full sun, is a chart plotter so you really don't need to construct routes if you don't care to. I bought MapCreate 7 topo software so I can load detailed maps of anywhere in the US and see where to go by just looking at the map on the GPS.

The software company LEI is a mickey mouse outfit, paranoid about someone stealing their software, but the actual product is pretty nice. You do have to buy their software to use with the Lowrance or Eagle products.

If you have old tired eyes like mine you might want to check it out. It beats the heck out of small hand held units and does everything you'd like in a GPS.


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