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2022 800SX Crew, How to wire stuff

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Folks, The guy that did the walk through at Bass Pro really didn't want to tell me a lot about how to install accessories. I asked him where I could find the accessory wiring. He pointed at the LCD display and said it was behind it. Can anyone tell me how to get behind that display? I can do the wiring, I just don't want to break anything .....yet. If there's any other pointers you could share with regarding wiring accessories, it would be greatly appreciated.


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When he says behind it, he's not wrong but you have to go to it from underneath the dash. It's a tight squeeze for soldering. It takes those simple 2 prong oval plugs but I needed more than what was provided. There are plugs that have power and ground. Some with power all the time. Some with power key on. I've wired radio, speakers, rear lights, turn signals, wiper,  horn, interior lights.

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