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Here we replaced the wire rope with synthetic rope on the winch.

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  • 4.5 mm
  • 866/100000
  • f f/2.4
  • ISO 400
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Bought a New Mule last oct and had the dealer install this synesthetic crap. What a mistake. The stuff is slick and will not re spool back on tight. co when you try to keep the snow blade up in the air  it keeps sinking I wasted my money with this Crap. and on top of that I Broke it . Then trying to get a knot to stay tide is a mother. 


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I can understand about not spooling correct, it does need to have some resistance against it when spooling back on, and I do not use mine here in southern california. I mostly use it in the desert, in fact I hardly use it at all as I dont really get this little 250 stuck really. But for the amount of time it sits not being used, the synthetic rope is better as it better quality than the cheap steel one installed at the factory, and I have known first hand about getting a broken strand stuck in my hand when winding it in and it is painful. The other side is that the steel cable tends to remember the winch wind, and gets twisty after time, like a corkscrew. For your application with the snow plow, I would either get a much higher quality version, like one recommended for a jeep, or either go back to a steel one, but use again a higher quality one. By this I mean one impregnated with lube inside. I say this as a former crane mechanic, and I know wire rope. You just have to find out the hole diameter in the winch spool where the wire goes, and then look for a high quality wire rope. It is easy to install yourself and there are many videos on youtube for you to watch on how to install. If you get a high quality wire rope, one with lube inside (lube in-between the wire strands) it will last a long time. And I would also lube it up, yes lube your winch cable up every couple of years. Again, there are tons of videos showing how to do this. Good luck on your new Mule, would love to see a pic of it. Matt

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