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  2. Got my order today from Silverbullet! Thanks to Jose for working through all the issues! Best of luck with your new business Jose!
  3. Jose contacted me today (Thank you!) and is working my order. I understand he's got his hands full but he's working through it. Good luck with the new business Jose!
  4. Hello All! I'm a new joyner commando owner. I bought a used '06 650 commando with a busted rear-end and I am waiting on the parts. Everything else on it works and I drive it around my yard in 4wd. I've been checking out this forum for a while and have learned a lot about these machines. Just wanted to say hello and thanks! Joe
  5. plumber, I live in Bardstown. (the other end of bardstown road...)
  6. I ordered a part on March 12th, was charged for it on March 13th and haven't received it yet. I've made several phone calls to silverbullet and have sent four emails and nothing. On the rare case when someone answers the phone, all they tell me is they will look into it and get back to me. No one has. I understand that ownership has changed and that there will be some turmoil during the change. I don't understand Silverbullet not letting me know what the status of my order is!

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