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  2. 2009 Trooper T2 1100cc. 550 miles,camo package,soft doors,hard doors, fully enclosed if needed. Just don't have the time to ride it. $7250. 859-699-nine-five-eight-five. Berea,Ky
  3. Well I gotta say yall know your stuff. I pulled the fuse box off from behind my drivers seat to find several wires burned. Took me a little while to rewire the box but it started right up..fan and all. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Yes..I turn the key to on and let the gauges cycle thru and back to 0. I can't hear the fuel pump when I turn the key switch. I assume the fuse box behind the drivers seat is the one I need to focus on correct?? I pulled all those fuses and they were fine. Is it actually a fuse or one of the square relays? I swapped the square relays around and nothing changed. I' ve looked around the forum and seems there could be an issue with a bad connection going into the box( burned wire,corrosion) I'll check that when I get home. Thanks for your help and the quick response.
  5. Hello all. New to the forum as well as UTV's. I have always owned ATVs in the past but just purchased a 2009 Trooper from a friend last weekend. Seems like a well built machine and looks very cool. Its a T2 camo 1100. Anyway..took it up on the farm to "get a feel for it" before any trail riding. After a couple hours riding around I stopped for a minute and it shut off and wouldn't start back. It turns over fine but acts like it is out of fuel. After checking the gauge and dummy checking the tank with a hose it has plenty of gas. Ive known this machine since it was new(only has 513 miles on it

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