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  2. I'm asking 6.500 obo its got a turbo, king shocks led light bar, Hid lights, renegade seats and misc parts It has 5000 miles on it
  3. Ya I will be there camping at the start finish area and my name Don. You guys should stop by. Here is what my Joyner looks like.
  4. here are some more picks Next thing is a stand alone ecu.
  5. Hi Lenny. I think im going to get a ms3-pro in the next few weeks it would be great if I could get that tune that you used and schematic And any other tips you might have for me.
  6. Were are you going to get an adaptor plate so you can bolt up to trans.
  7. Has anyone tried to put a different engine in there T-2 yet.
  8. I know you put one on your Joyner do you think it is worth the money it looks like it is 1200. Bucks. Will I need any other parts to install
  9. I'm looking to put a stand alone ECU on my T2 and was wondering how hard they are to program and were I can get one?
  10. There is a short video on youtube just put in jumping joyner its the one under Mikala Braska.I will look and see if I have any other video from glamis.
  11. When i get down to 1/2 tank and go down a big dune I run out of fuel. Just wondering if anyone has fixed this problem and how they did it ?
  12. This is the most resent picture I have will take more after cage mod.
  13. Ya it has a turbo, king shocks, new seats, took the winch and bracket off. I removed the E brake and I'm in the process of putting a line lock on.Removed the bed and all the bolt on cage brackets they are heavy. I'm putting a new top cage on now to make it a little stronger.30in tires.Have one of my spare axles at shop to see if they can make lighter ones they are like 1 ton pick up axle. I talked to Lenny about a stand alone computer about a year ago I think that is the only way to get more RPM's out of it.

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