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  2. I don't have any photos but I was thinking about looking through my local "you pull-it" junk yard. There is probably some small import seat that would work great.
  3. Thanks man. I got the winch from Tractor Supply for $49 because they are changing brands. I couldn't pass that up.
  4. I don't have a lot to spend on mod.s so I am always looking for a bargin. I have added a winch plate and winch from Tractor supply, a 2" reciever hitch from Thunderhawk products on ebay and camo seat covers from cloth at the local fabric shop. Pics to follow...
  5. I'm a newibe to the forum and to UTV's I gave up on my old Kawasaki Bayou, tired of pouring money into it. Due to my physical handicap I decided to try a Mule 610 to help me get around at home. It didn't take long for the off road bug to bite. I used to be a Jeeper but had to sell it yares ago. Any way looking forward to getting to know my fellow UTVers on the board. Jerry East Bend, NC

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