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Mod.s on a slim budget


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Nice mods. I'm a "thrifty outfitter" myself. Harbor Freight has some down and dirty pricing on Winches and hitch adapters, etc. I'm thining I want to add a 2" receiver to each end and then mount my winch on a 2" tube and a mounting plate. That way I can move it to either end if needed.

Thanks man. I got the winch from Tractor Supply for $49 because they are changing brands. I couldn't pass that up.

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Ultimately I did mount a 2 in. receiver to the front frame and made a pivoting snowplow to plow my 650 ft. Driveway. I found some V-bar chains on Amazon for about $35 and put 7 seventy pound sand bags in the back for traction. Plowed my drive all winter and it worked AMAZINGLY well for a 2WD! I got stuck twice when I got too close to the edge of the driveway. All I had to do was shovel out the snow around the tires and drove out! My cloth cab and Radiator heater mods allowed me to plow in great comfort, warm enough so I couldn't see my breathe at some pretty cold temps. Read my heater post on this site for more details on that mod.

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