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  2. No, it has a carb.  Electric fuel pump, standard single cyl. 500cc OHC engine

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      This problem only occurs below 50 degrees 

  3. 2008Ranger 6x6 starts fine then runs for a minute or so thenstops, as if the ignition was shut off. The unit will restart then again repeats the stop cycle this will repeat 3 to 4 times then quits and then the 6x6 will run and function normally. Stumped as to the cause, fuel pump good, fuel filter replaced, and all ignition connections checked. I sure could use some help solving this bug.
  4. New Owner of 04 Ranger 500 6x6. Our cargo box with a spare tire in it is very difficult to lift to the dump position. Are the gas springs designed to allow a person of average strength to dump a 1000# load? My wife and I are both 64 yr/s old and pretty strong. I suspect that the gas springs on the used machine we bought need replacing. I measured the stroke of the gas spring at 8", colapased pin to pin @ 12'' and full extended pin to pin @ 20". Does anyone know what the force rating of the Polaris gas springs and whether they are designed to allow easy dumping or the maximum rated 1000#

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