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  1. Its Quite simple, you get what you pay for.....Why a Diesel? If its a working Machine, then it would be worth the extra 2grand, if not you will be Quite happy with a Gas. I would Look at the Kawasaki Line of UTV's, Warantee is second to none........From experiance
  2. Just got off the phone From My Dealer... NORDAN EQPMT Telkwa BC. With Dan's pressure on the BC Kawasaki Rep, and also BC Rep understanding, They are going to replace my Mule with a new one... it seem's nobody has had a Motor Failure with the 4010 Mule. I should Have a NEW one in my yard within a week. I Have not Found a better working Machine anywhere.... Polaris RZR vrs 4010 Mule is like comparing Apples with Oranges, all machines have there use and value. Kawasaki Canada, Toronto, customer service could get off her script, and really look after her customer.....answering the phone
  3. Kawasaki Canada puts all the responsibility on your Dealer to satisfy the Customer. My Mule had 33 hrs on it, never in 4X4 mode and Crank Bearing went. As far as Kawasaki is concerned, they fix it the cheapest possible way. I bought machine to hunt with, day before season starts motor went. The way I think and maybe I am wrong, Kawasaki or Dealer would jump at the chance to help and offer a Loaner or Demo Machine until mine was fixed. Not even a sorry, or a return of a phone call. I missed hunting season, I am looking at, at least a month for it to be ready. I think, there's a problem.....
  4. Looking for information on how to deal with this problem, I am a bit vague right now until I find out how Kawasaki Canada, or my dealer is going to handle the problem.

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