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Farm boss 1000cc diesel UTV


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Hello,everyone.I am new to UTV.So in here I hope I can learn more knowledge about UTV and make more friends here who have common interests. Recently I am thinking of buying a diesel UTV. However my money is limited I am thinking of buy a polaris ranger,but it is a little beyond my budget.yesterday I google diesel UTV I find a chinese diesel utv,farm boss 1000cc diesel UTV,the price is cheap,but It seems that the chinese vehicle is not that reliable ,Has anyone used this model ? hope you guy scan give me some useful suggestion?

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Its Quite simple, you get what you pay for.....Why a Diesel? If its a working Machine, then it would be worth the extra 2grand, if not you will be Quite happy with a Gas.

I would Look at the Kawasaki Line of UTV's, Warantee is second to none........From experiance

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