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  2. Ok guys I have found a source in China that shipped me a new front ring gear and pinion for my trooper! I am checking on the availability of the rear set right now. I am thinking about ordering a bulk shipment of front and rear sets and selling them on ebay. They would be around $275-$300 a piece, depending on what deal I can work out.I was just looking for some input on if you all think I could sell them,I would hate to spend the money and get suck with them. Here's a pic of the front I got and installed in my diff last night.
  3. Hey guys I am am looking for a front ring gear and pinnion for my trooper. My case is still good and hate to spend the money on a whole new diff. If anyone has any parts they would like to sell let me know.Thanks
  4. I am in desperate need of a drivers side rear swing arm. I decided to have a fight with a big oak tree and I lost. Any help would be great appreciated.

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