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  2. Thanks for the replies guys, right now I'm going by what my mechanic (THINKS) I'll need. Hopefully by next weekend he will know for sure. It's a good buddy thing, he's a pro and I don't even like looking at a wrench. Labor price is high (usually case or two of what ever is on sale and I have to drink it with him when he's done.) just have to play the waiting game. I will mention that I got almost immediate replies from Joyner USA and Silver bullet on a price quote. Parts in stock.
  3. Hi everyone, I found myself in need of a new clutch, pressure plate, and T/O bearing for my 2009 T2. Joyner-USA has the OEM clutch/pressure plate for $199.99, Silver bullet has an HD clutch/pressure plate and says its made from higher quality materials and craftsmanship than the original clutch for $240.00 My question for you guys is does anyone think the Silver bullet clutch is worth $40.00 more than the OEM clutch from joyner-USA? The original clutch lasted about 7000 miles with only moderate abuse. Thanks for any opinions regarding parts or vendors.
  4. Hi Charlie, you can Google Big meat run 2014 Disney Ok. for all the details. Extreme to mellow rock crawling, also has miles of Atv trails. Its open to anyone who wants to play or just follow along and watch. Youtube has lots of clips from the last few years. It's held in N.E. Oklahoma at a small town called Disney on Grand lake. All the trails are below the dam in the limestone river bed. This is a unique place because there are 3 different flood gate spillways that are above the river level so it stays dry most of the time. I'll try to Post some pics this evening. I'm headed up there in abo
  5. I've seen several posts from some rock crawlers on here and was wondering if anyone is planning on going? Its a big event that brings in 8-10 thousand people every year. Everything from pro rock buggies to the average guy with stock rigs on down to Atv's. It's a great time for all. Will be a lot of razor owners out there, so I want to show off my T2. Nobody I know around here has ever seen one up close. I will be there all three days.
  6. Thanks plumber, It looks pretty good for free, and if I snag them on a tree I'll just cut out more. Think I can get 5 easily out of one bed liner.
  7. Ok, just got done trying the new flares I rigged up an they work great. I wanted something that would be cheap to replace and be easy to remove for when I don't want them on. All the local car dealerships remove the bed liners out of the pickups they take in on trade. Just ask an they GIVE THEM TO YOU FOR FREE. These are ridged yet bend easily. Just cut out the shape you want. I zip tied mine to the frame rail under the back deck for ease of removal or replacement. Front fenders are next. Surly you innovative engineer's out there can find any number of uses for these.
  8. Thanks Kinarfi. ( Wow, now that's a manual) I found a performance tire shop to charge my shocks to 125psi. $25 for all 4 shocks. (seems cheap enough considering I didn't have to remove them). I'm hitting the sand today at a small local spot so we'll see how this thing handles. Am blessed with a ton of places from 25 - 1500 acres to ride within 20 miles of home. every thing from sand, mud, rock crawling, big open trails and tight wooded trails. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Charlie, that helps. I'm waiting on my manual from the guy I got this from. I did figure out with no pressure in the shocks you don't want to go fast on my rough blacktop roads, feels like your on a giant air hockey table with no control. LOL. shocks are first on my fix it list.
  10. Hello to all. Well I just got me a used trooper, (2009), and have a few questions that I haven't seen on here. First some info on my T2, seems pretty much stock with the exception of a new muffler with the cat removed, It has 31x10.50x15 firestone destination ATs on it, yes they do rub, so I have a new set of swamper TSL, 29x9.50x15 I'm mounting now. It's street legal here in Oklahoma with everything the state requires already on it. .Great toy that goes any where I've wanted to take it so far. Now for the questions, what kind of mileage can I expect on a tank of gas. What weight of oil doe

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