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Opinions needed on parts.


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Hi everyone,

I found myself in need of a new clutch, pressure plate, and T/O bearing for my 2009 T2.

Joyner-USA has the OEM clutch/pressure plate for $199.99,

Silver bullet has an HD clutch/pressure plate and says its made from higher quality materials and craftsmanship than the original clutch for $240.00

My question for you guys is does anyone think the Silver bullet clutch is worth $40.00 more than the OEM clutch from joyner-USA? The original clutch lasted about 7000 miles with only moderate abuse.

Thanks for any opinions regarding parts or vendors.

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I have posted my opinion before on here that there is no need to pay extra for a clutch setup in the Trooper. The factory setup is very good and most if not all problems (if someone is having them) can be found in driver misuse. When I had to pull my tranny I replaced my clutch but there was only a slight bit of wear on the old clutch. It was a waste of money & I still have it. If you search Lenny provided his opinion one time on the site. $30 & shipping, you can have my old clutch.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Thanks for the replies guys, right now I'm going by what my mechanic (THINKS) I'll need. Hopefully by next weekend he will know for sure.

It's a good buddy thing, he's a pro and I don't even like looking at a wrench. Labor price is high (usually case or two of what ever is on sale and I have to drink it with him when he's done.) just have to play the waiting game.

I will mention that I got almost immediate replies from Joyner USA and Silver bullet on a price quote. Parts in stock.

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Lenny said to go with a Heavier Duty PP and disc but not a puck style disc. I went with what Silver Bullet offers and it works fine. The pedal seems the same and there is about 30% more clamping force from what I was told. The disc is an Exedy which is a good quality disc/material. For $40 I think you can't go wrong by going with the heavier duty set up.

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