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  1. Here are some places that have rear seats: http://www.essexmfg.com/Kawasaki/Accessories/bed.stm http://utvheadquarters.com/inc/sdetail/36283/5939 ...if you are handy with fabricating it wouldn't be hard to make some yourself....could have the wife sew your seat covers......
  2. My first thought (for safety sake) is to always have the system in full brake until it receives command to move, this way if it loses comm the vehicle doesn't go off in free run, it will stop till it gains comm again.
  3. Yes, to get to the starter you have to remove the torque converter........sad but true......poor part placement. It's not a hard job to do as long as you have the puller for the converter. Without the puller you'll be making up all kinds of new swear words.... :\.

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