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  1. Anybody got one of these for sale, Tool to remove drive clutch/pulley from torque converter system Let me know....Thanks
  2. Thanks for reply . A few questions if you don't mind...... 1) Am I correct by saying the driven clutch can be removed without special tools, just with a socket ? 2)The drive pulley requires a clutch puller to remove and that special tool, that looks like a long bolt , to remove it from engine shaft 3) Are the bolts on the drive and driven pulley loosened the normal way counter clockwise?Askin cause I watched a video of a Kaw. converter system being removed and it showed the drive pulley with reverse or left handed threads( loosened clockwise). The video was showing a brute force i think'
  3. here is a youtube link , took the converter cover off here is a video :
  4. This is 97 Mule 2500 I picked up dead as a doornail sitting for 3yrs. I cleaned the tank with Evaporust,replaced lines,fuel filter and pump, and rebuilt carb. It turns over and idle fine but wont move. Had a bad sound come from belt cover, removed cover and this is what I saw. Please look at these pics and tell me how big of a problem I have............ Any thought, suggestions etc.... gladly accepted reply or email [email protected]
  5. Thinking about mounting a bench seat or 2 single seats to the dump cart on my Mule. I invision them being rear facing and possibly being able to fold out of the way maybe up against the cab cage..................... Anybody done this? Pics,thoughts and advice welcome [email protected]
  6. The VIN on Mules are usually on a plate mounted to the frame at the front of the vehicle(mine is hard to see but is just to the left of the the plastic radiator cover) or sometime on frame near the middle of the seat.
  7. Did you check your needles/jets for wear when you cleaned the carb? They may need replaced. Or check to make sure your choke is working correctly. It idleing fine but sputtering and not having much power suggest to me an air/fuel mixture problem...that there is an air restriction or fuel delivery problem. The only other thing I can think of is the coil not firing consistantly.
  8. So I have this idea for rigging seats(bench or 2 singles) in the dump cart of my mule. The goal is to have some place for the kids to ride while me and the wife are in the cab. Ideally the seat(s) would be able to fold up when not in use. Anybody done this or have any input and/or pics? Thanks

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