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  1. Hey, Thanks for replying. I'm using Sure-Grip Left Hand "Push Rock" Hand Controls (SG-R100). Great product. http://www.utvpartsandaccessories.com/sure_grip_hand_controls_kawasaki.htm The throttle side works flawlessly (you pull the lever to actuate). The brake side, however, requires the operator to "push" the lever "down" (toward the floor/front axle). This takes some force since you are trying to move the brake pedal forward quite a distance using a downward force with "not-quite-enough-leverage" (at least for me). I'm trying to figure out how to get the brakes to engage more quickly with a bit less force/forward movement. http://suregrip-hvl.com/hand-controls/push-rock.html Clear as mud? Thanks for any ideas. KC
  2. Unusual topic, I guess. I'm unable to walk and just had hand controls installed on my new Mule. I'm trying to figure out how to adjust the brakes (freeplay, hydraulics, etc) to increase "responsiveness" of brakes. I need them to engage more quickly. In other words, I have to really lay on the hand controls hard to get the brakes to activate. The brake pedal (via the hand control) has to move quite a distance before the brakes start to engage (and I am unable to lock them up). I guess I need to make the brakes more "touchy". The hand control system is far from perfect, but it's all I've got. Any thoughts? Thanks. KC

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