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  1. Ok.. so I did some searches online.. doesn't see practical for what I need; but the technology is pretty cool.
  2. So I've got my Mule and now wondering about security as it's on a small Horse yard that is not monitored at night. I bought a heavy duty Chain and Lock but someone suggested to just put a tracker on it. Has anyone every heard of doing this? I guess the biggest thing is keeping the battery charged on the Tracker and whether or not you need a SIM card in it, i.e. like a mobile phone?
  3. Ok.. I turned it on a for a few minutes and let it warm up. no sound at all. So it's a 2006, I think. 24K kms and 1500 hours and I'm super happy I bought it. Let me know if you think the squealing is a sign of wear in the trans or not. thanks,
  4. Hello All! I picked up a used Mule yesterday for a small holding equestrian centre I run. Ran fine in the warm, no problems as you would expect for a machine with 1500 hours. did all the usual checks before horking over cash. but- Super cold and frozen this a.m. in England... started fine but when I put into gear, it's squealing away. is this normal? is it just some sort of belt like you have on a water pump on a car? figure there is some sort of hydraulic transmission and something in there is just a bit cold as only squeals when in gear/driving. anything to worry about?? thanks in

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