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  1. I am assuming the coolant is full?
  2. Check the gas cap gasket. My 610 mule ran like shit after an hour of running. The gasket in the gas cap was blocking my vent hole in the cap. The gasket was also upside down according to the parts diagram. I havent had an issue yet.
  3. The Dealer wasnt helpful. I troubleshot the problem and found the rubber gasket in the fuel cap was blocking the vent hole, which was pressurizing the intake. Problem is fixed.
  4. Wow. This is the 3rd forum I have joined to ask questions,,, and it seems as tho nobody knows anything.
  5. I have had my 2014 leftover for just 2 weeks. Seems like when I use it to plow for a few hours, it wont idle. I can normally smell a strange odor, and I have to feather the throttle peddle to keep it running. Its been back to the shop 2 times in the past week or so, and they claim it runs fine with them. I told them it does it when I use it for approx 1.5-2 hours. According to the hour meter, they used the machine for about .7 hours,,, so of course it didnt act up on them. I think its a dirty carb, but they arent willing to tear it apart to clean it. Help
  6. Have you cleaned the carb and check the float setting?
  7. Hi. New to this forum. Recently purchased a new left over 2014 Mule XC SE. Anyone have issues as to how the machine runs when plowing and constant winch use? Someone told me to put a bigger battery in it and install a battery tender. Was told the winch draws so many amps, that constant winch use, is killing the battery, therefore the machine begins to run sluggish and wants to stall. Opinions and/or input. Thanks

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