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  1. My mule is hard to get into hi gear, low gear and reverse are fine. Is this a linkage adjustment issue? You have to slap it into high gear several times before it stops grinding and goes into gear. If it is a linkage adjustment issue, is there an order you have to adjust the linkage?
  2. There should be an adjustment at the bracket on the transmission side. I am currently having a similar issue, mine still goes into high gear nut you have to slap it in or when you touch the throttle it grinds, I believe this is linkage issue, I am going to try adjusting it out and see what happens.
  3. Ive noticeed that even when I come to a full stop and disengage everything, the 4x4 sometimes doesnt disengage and makes it feel like it is dragging down. I usually put it in reverse and then back into hi a time or two and it goes back to normal.

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