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  1. I normally would not post a negative comment. I am 74 years old and have been in a wheelchair for the last 51 years. I would agree, if you are mechanicialy inclined and physical able, the HiSun and other Chinese units are working considering. I just want a unit that get me from point A to B in very moderate terrain. Yes, perhaps, I received a “Lemon”, but I don’t think so. At my age & physical situation I am not going out and trying to distory it. When I took delivery, I experienced the following: 1. The brakes barely worked. I bled the brake system several times, with little improvement. Then went looking for replacement pads, which was a bit of a challenge. New pads helped some, however it is apparent to me I must have a small leak in the brake system, which requires frequent bleeding. 2. The first time I got up to 30 mph, the clutch system failed, trashing the primary & secondary Clutches, belt and cover. $1,500.00 later new clutch system replaced. 3. After unit gets warmed up it refuses to shift. I must turn engine off, wait a few seconds then it will shift. Have reduced RPM and adjusted shift linkage countless times “Zero improvement” 4. Now after 147 miles the water pump has failed. Yes, it can be replaced, but what will fail next. Way too many issues for 147 miles of moderate use. Yes, I have contacted Hisun Corporate offices, and I always was Polite Corporate suggested I trade it in for a newer unit, with improvements. My opinion this is Not the way to build a Company or positive image. Had I not found the outfit in Missouri named “Motorcycle Doctor”, I would be totally up the creek. In my case, I have HAD to find help!! Several of the local cycle/UTV shops have refused to even look much less consider working on my unit.
  2. I have a 2014 Coleman Outfitter 800, which is the same as HiSun 800 Strike. Yes, they look nice, but, that is where it stops. I have had nothing but trouble, and ZERO help from HiSun cooperate office in Huston, TX, or Coleman PowerSports in Phoenix, Az Everytime I turn it, I am presented with a new Major Problem. To be totally fair, I found a dealer in Missouri “Motocycle Doctor” who has been very helpful, and is very knowledgeable on the HiSun products. This is a classic example of getting what you pay for, and for me, I can’t get rid of my unit fast enough!!
  3. I have been given a brand new Coleman Outfitter 800. I am a 100% Disabled combat veteran. This UTV has been generously given to me and many other severely disabled via the Independence Fund and Wounded Warriors. First I wish to publicly express my appreciation to the Independence Fund for their generosity. Having said that, now I have a few questions and request some help and direction. This unit was delivered to my home about 30 days ago. I have read many of the comments directed towards these Chinese Knockoffs, and I would never go out and purchase one of these units. However, when you are given one, what can you say?? From the get go the braking system is marginal at best. Very soft and pedal has to be pushed very, very hard to bring unit to a stop. This is not acceptable for me. I have contacted Coleman PowerSports, in Tempe, AZ. They are of no help what so ever. I have bleed the system twice to no avail, I am now ready to explore replacing the brake pads, rotors, and master cylinder, however, I do not and can not obtain part numbers! I have pulled the front wheels and inspected the front pads for contamination and/or glazing. Other than very Cheap carbon pads, the pads are not glazed one contaminated, however, extremely dirty with what I would call excessive brake dust, they appear to be OK. Does anyone have any ideas as to replacement pads, rotors, and master cylinder?? Any constructive comments would be greatly appreciated as to what, where and who I can purchase correct fitting replacement parts including calipers, pads, rotors, and master cylinder.

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