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  1. TORRA


  2. Here is a preliminary map of our course for this race.
  3. No, I have not. I'll have to look it up.
  4. Do it! A lot of our racing is more about endurance than speed so the machines that have fewer break downs, flats, broken parts can do better! That said we do have a lot of stiff competition in our Stock class!
  5. Come on out and try your hand at on a South Texas short course surrounded by Mesquite and near the Rio Grande! Streets of Laredo GP Registration and Schedule of Events Streets of Laredo GP Event on Facebook This race is for UTVs, Handlebars, and Bro-Lites. We have two classes of UTVs, Stock and Pro. Rules for those can be found here: Race Classes We look forward to having you out with us! Each class will have 3 hours of racing Grand Prix style on this 9-14 mile course.
  6. Good morning all, My name is Bryant and I'm the co-manager of an off road race series here in Texas that provides off road desert and endurance short course style racing for two classes of UTVs. We offer a stock and a Pro UTV class to allow an opportunity for most every UTV owner to try their hand at desert style racing. Our courses range from 10 to 100 miles long and races cover multiple laps. We look forward to having some of you come race with us! Here is a link to our website where rules can be found along with upcoming events.: TORRA Our goal is to get people out of t

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