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  1. Hey there, I believe that the ring gear on the left is out of a first generation beginning production of the trooper. The one on the right is one that came from Joyner that they actually bolted the ring gear on the wrong side of the assy or something
  2. Just had this diff come in today.... Kind of interesting... Also a bigger picture of the front & rear ring gears... This is what happens if the dowel that holds your spider gear shaft in comes out, the shafts breaks everything
  3. Not sure if you guys care if I talk on here with you guys too.... Just wanted to let you all know that Joyner has done away with the electronic actuators. I guess all the problems with actuators finally got them to get rid of them. New units dealers are now getting all have the new feature. You now change from 2x4 to 4x4 using a lever just like the front and rear lockers, so intead of the electronics its now run using a cable. So no more problems yeah! So next time your actuator goes out, try calling Joyner and asking how much they want for the new setup, it cant be much more than those damn

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