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  1. Capt Jim

    Capt Jim

  2. I was reading your post that you installed electric steering on your T2/08. Tell me about the install.

    1. Kinarfi




      I'll try to remember to take a photo of whats on my 2015 for you. It's a lot better mount than what I did on the 08, give them a call.


  3. Any suggestions on a good place to buy a new fuel tank for T2 / 08

  4. Lets just say where can I get a new one?
  5. don't have tank out again at this time.
  6. On the bottom where the low point is formed for fuel pickup.
  7. 😁 Has anyone had the same prob? Bad metal in tank or bad welds. Have tried to patch twice to no avail any suggestion.
  8. 😎 Hope we can learn & help each other.

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