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  1. Capt Jim

    Fuel tank leak

    Has anyone had the same prob? Bad metal in tank or bad welds. Have tried to patch twice to no avail any suggestion.
  2. Capt Jim

    I am the latis new guyr

    Hope we can learn & help each other.
  3. I was reading your post that you installed electric steering on your T2/08. Tell me about the install.

    1. Kinarfi




      I'll try to remember to take a photo of whats on my 2015 for you. It's a lot better mount than what I did on the 08, give them a call.


  4. Any suggestions on a good place to buy a new fuel tank for T2 / 08

  5. Capt Jim

    Fuel tank leak

    Lets just say where can I get a new one?
  6. Capt Jim

    Fuel tank leak

    don't have tank out again at this time.
  7. Capt Jim

    Fuel tank leak

    On the bottom where the low point is formed for fuel pickup.