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    Hisun Utv 500 help

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with an issue that has brought me to my wits end with my 2008 Hisun UTV 500. This thing was running fine and it sputtered then died. I pulled the spark plug and there was no spark so I replaced the ignition coil, no luck. Then replaced the stator-magneto-pick up coil, still nothing. I then replaced the cdi with still no luck. I removed the wiring harness and went through it to look for any obvious issues and found only one, a capacitor at the rectifier connection which I replace as well with no luck. The spark plug was replaced today and same shit, nothing. The plug I have connected to an alligator clip and grounded to the engine. I know it has to be something simple but my simple mind cannot seem to figure it out. Any suggestions would help.
  2. Jcherbert1

    Hisun Utv 500 help

    Power to the ignition switch has been verified, carbureted and fuel pump is working
  3. Jcherbert1

    Hisun Utv 500 help

    No I haven't.
  4. Jcherbert1

    Hisun Utv 500 help

    Not long. It's just a clip to ground the spark plug while it is removed and connected to the coil.