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  2. sometimes a clicking sound but most of the time nothing
  3. Hey all my mule runs great until it gets hot then just quits. won't start back have to plug battery in to charge it up seems like the battery doesn't recharge when it is running.
  4. Hey guys thanks for all the information. I found my problem with lots of strong help. They was a piece of wood stuck under the bed had it jammed. Took several strong people to pull the bed up. Thanks again every one was lots of help
  5. Thanks for the information. This lift bed was already on the mule when we purchased it.
  6. I have a 2003 Kawasaki Mule kaf620-e3 my dump bed doesn't work, just makes a clicking nose when I flip the switch. Any ideas out there. It is connected to battery and machine starts fine so not the battery.

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