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  2. Ruled out Cub Cadet. Not a good endorsement by the local dealer. He told me that he couldn't recommend the Challenger for use in the island environment. He said he had seen a lot of issues with the electrical system due to salt air corrosion. I told him I would be willing to fill all the connectors with dialectric grease to prevent this. He said he would rather lose the sale than sell it to me. This is astounding to me because there are many other much more electrical intensive vehicles on the island than this. Obviously, he feels that the Cub Cadet is vastly inferior to others. Oh well, goodb
  3. I'm also seriuosly considering the Challenger because of the features that are standard equipment and the price. The only accessories that I would be adding would be the rear window, hard upper doors, and perhaps the power steering. I would be looking at around 11,500 for it. I would have a hard time justifying spending 16K+ for a more mainstream machine. I would be barging it over to an island in Puget Sound for general transportation use around the island on dirt roads. Speed limit is 15mph on the island so top end isn't an issue. Occasional beach use. Nothing very strenuous, except for a lo
  4. Hi, I am trying to decide on a UTV for use at my vacation cabin. It's located on a small island (Gedney, or more commonly, Hat Island) in Puget Sound. Access is only by boat. There is a barge (landing craft) that operates sporadically (about . It costs about $300 each way so, obviously, reliability and dependability is my biggest concern. We have been looking at a Cub Cadet Challenger 550 or 750. We like the features that come with it. In reviews that I have been able to find, there have been some problems with them ranging from leaks to electrical to engine failures. I know that most of the r

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