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  2. Well Here is an update. I just got the Pro FXT mule back form the Dealer. Turns out a rod was bent. He drained the front diff oil, motor oil, replaced piston rod and bearings and of coarse the air filter. $2400 Runs like a champ!
  3. Well I screwed up this weekend. I got my Pro FXT a little deep in the water and it locked up. I got it home pulled the plugs, sucked the water off the top #1 piston. (that was the only chamber with water in it.)The crank case didn't appear to have any water in it but I suspect it broke a piston or rod. I took the belt housing cover off and I cant turn it by hand. When I turn the key all I get is a click. It is now on its way to the dealer Ill give an update hopefully in the next week or two. SAD-DAYS for the pocket book!
  4. Did you get this machine Running? I have a 2015 Pro FXT Mule and I just locked it up this weekend. It stopped dead in high water. I had water in my airbox. I Pulled the plugs and I had water in one cylinder. I was able to suck most of it out. The machine will not turn over it just clicks. Any thought? What did you do? I know to flush and how. I'm just wondering about why I cant get it to crank.

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