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  1. The Fuse box has been located, it's right there under the hood.. My Bad.
  2. Hello, I apologize for taking a while to get back to you, Fall projects have kept me away from my SxS project. I thank you for the heads up about the fuel, I had been made aware of this by another person. I got this as a basket case so the type of fuels not been an issue so far. I have tested and the injector power supply and that is ok but testing for any fuel output shows No fuel comes out as either a spray or stream. I have replaced the injector and the ECM module and not having any Diagnostic equipment beyond a Volt meter I am about to replace the O2 unit as this is listed as one of many possible failure points for the EFI system. I'll post if I start to make any gains in this project. Thanks again for your input on this, Robert
  3. Hello Travis, Sorry I've been tied up and just got back to checking out my machine, following what you mentioned. I can't say that your idea alone lead to the answer but it got me in looking, Focused on just this task and not fitting it in among a bunch of other tasks. You got me in the right place and I took a closer look at a unit under the hood, near the battery box that someone before me had tagged as a CDI box. Why I read that tag and let it go at that I will Never understand, but I did just that. This time I looked at the Unit and notice the 4 screw holding a cover on the box, which cover the FUSES. Talk about feeling like a fool. Making myself try to focus on ONE issue at a time. Now I'll go back and Focus on my problem with the EFI system, No fuel to the engine. I Thank you for taking the time and responding to my posting because you did help me get this settled. Again thank you and have a good night, Robert
  4. Hello All, I know this sounds strange but I've had most of this machine apart and putting back together again and I have NOT found the fuse box. Every Manual that I have access to says to Open the hood, take the top off the battery box and you'll find the fuse box. It's Not there in fact I Cant even find the three Connecters that would be used from the wiring harness. At least looking for what is listed as the correct Replacement part for this. Hoping that someone can make me feel Old and Feeble by coming up with some simple spot that I Swear I've already looked at but just did not see the Box. Thank you all for even looking at this and maybe getting a small Chuckle. Robert
  5. Hello All, I got myself into a project with an MSU500 that I got after a dealership had done a teardown on part of the engine. The previous owner had been riding and it died. i was told the dealer said that whatever was wrong couldn't be fixed, parts not available. A bolt for the Starter Clutch had loosened and vibrated out destroying the Stator and shearing the Woodruff key. I have replaced all of that and put the motor back together. My problem now is I'm a Carb. guy never touched an EFI machine and I am getting no gas to the motor. I have confirmed that there is No gas getting to the cylinder, it fires with starting fluid. The fuel pump is working, i have pressure to the Injector and power to the Black and White lead on the Injector and the same on the Red and white lead to the ECM/ECU. I have been reading and trying to understand some of the troubleshooting steps that I've found. I also have done the test with the Injector pulled out and put in a container and tried, not even a drop of fuel comes out. I have also tried with a New Injector installed with the same results. I know this is not a Simple system but any input, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On a side note: This probably needs a new topic. but while I'm here and this will sound foolish but. Does anyone know where the Fuse Box is on a 2016 MSU500?? Believe me I've gone thru everything Under the hood. It is not in with or near the battery box as one manual says. Not one the firewall, inside out under the hood. I have spent hours working on both sides of the motor and Under it and I've not found it there. And after looking up a New Part for this I can't even find what are shown to be the correct Leads from the wiring harness to Plug into the unit. I thank you All in advance for any suggestions or info that you might be able and willing to provide, Robert
  6. That's a good idea and I believe have a Tester, I'll dig it out. I didn't think about that, I did put a new coil and spark plug on it but beyond getting a spark never checked for it breaking down. Thank you Travis, I'll post how I do.
  7. Hello All, I'm not really New here but Life sidetracked me for the 18 months or so but I've gone back to doing some work on my Coleman(Hisun) UTV400 SxS that has a Kodiak 400 motor/Trans and a Major wiring problem. Short history, with original owner there was a fire, some interior plastic damage but were told major fire damage to motor. They bought and installed the Kodiak 400 motor, CDI box and a few other necessary parts. They had someone wire it and used it then for some reason Stripped the wiring, installed a new Emark wiring harness but Never reconnected the motor wiring to the Machine. There was a mountain of loose wires, cut off connecters in the Dump Box. I've finally gotten back to sorting and reading diagrams for both machines wiring and have the CDI box rewired in to the point I can start the motor with my Temp ignition switch, it runs ok and is charging the battery. my immediate problem with the motor right now is that it runs fine At Idle but if I try to accelerate it immediately Dies. Im trying to figure out if it's an issue with something that the CDI box needs wired that isn't there, some switch or relay connection that's still not there Or the fact that the fuel supply being from and electric fuel pump not the original Vacuum pump that the Quad used was, I cant find the Pressure of the Vacuum pump. Acts like there's no Spark Advance in a way but could be just getting way to much fuel, to fast. I have a valve I found that allows me to cut the pump pressure down to 1 PSI that I'm about to try and I'll keep checking the wiring diagrams looking for something electrical that might help explain this. Oh I couldn't a carb kit to rebuild with so I bought a New carb, not high end but figured it should make a difference but no such luck. Once I get past this issue I'll go back to paying attention to getting battery power back into the new Emark Harness so I can start getting power to the rest of the machine. Sorry all, I got a touch Wordy here. I hope to be spending more time here and Learning and if at all possible Helping others. Take care all and I Shall Return.
  8. res2fr


  9. Thank you. I'll go over these diagrams and see what I pick up.
  10. Hello all, I have what I hope is a quick question. I am working on this 2014 Hisun SxS and the wiring is a mess. I am currently just trying to find the electrical wiring Color Code for this machine. I have Maintenance Handbook for a wiring diagram for what it calls a 'HS400UTV-Emark'. That's the only thing my son got with this machine when he bought it and I can no list of the color codes anywhere in this book. We're not against buying manuals but have learned to be picky as there are many that supply little real detailed information. This is a machine that I am trying to get the 2004 Kodiak motor they installed wired up to run and install a complete new wiring harness for the Utv at the same time. Any help that someone might have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.
  11. Hello all. I've spent a bit of time fixing various ATVs but am into my first UTV. My son actually owns it and I'm trying to help get it usable. He bought a 2014 Coleman Outfitters 400 4x4, it's actually a Hisun 400 4x4 UTV. It has a 2004 Kodiak 400 4x4 motor in it and we have a wiring nightmare. Hope to be able to offer help here and there and seek it for my own project. Take care and we'll be in touch.

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