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  1. That's a good idea and I believe have a Tester, I'll dig it out. I didn't think about that, I did put a new coil and spark plug on it but beyond getting a spark never checked for it breaking down. Thank you Travis, I'll post how I do.
  2. Hello All, I'm not really New here but Life sidetracked me for the 18 months or so but I've gone back to doing some work on my Coleman(Hisun) UTV400 SxS that has a Kodiak 400 motor/Trans and a Major wiring problem. Short history, with original owner there was a fire, some interior plastic damage but were told major fire damage to motor. They bought and installed the Kodiak 400 motor, CDI box and a few other necessary parts. They had someone wire it and used it then for some reason Stripped the wiring, installed a new Emark wiring harness but Never reconnected the motor wiring to th
  3. res2fr


  4. Thank you. I'll go over these diagrams and see what I pick up.
  5. Hello all, I have what I hope is a quick question. I am working on this 2014 Hisun SxS and the wiring is a mess. I am currently just trying to find the electrical wiring Color Code for this machine. I have Maintenance Handbook for a wiring diagram for what it calls a 'HS400UTV-Emark'. That's the only thing my son got with this machine when he bought it and I can no list of the color codes anywhere in this book. We're not against buying manuals but have learned to be picky as there are many that supply little real detailed information. This is a machine that I am trying to get the 2004 Kodiak m
  6. Hello all. I've spent a bit of time fixing various ATVs but am into my first UTV. My son actually owns it and I'm trying to help get it usable. He bought a 2014 Coleman Outfitters 400 4x4, it's actually a Hisun 400 4x4 UTV. It has a 2004 Kodiak 400 4x4 motor in it and we have a wiring nightmare. Hope to be able to offer help here and there and seek it for my own project. Take care and we'll be in touch.

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