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  1. Who was the tech you talked to I emailed a tech there and he didn't know much and never got back to me even after many email asking for help.
  2. Thanks for the diagram I will look it over and hopefully it ill have what I need
  3. I have a 2009 Trooper that when I first start it it runs great but after about a min it starts to cut out under acceleration but clears out when it gets revved up. I downloaded the manual from Joyner-usa.com but it doesn't help much, Mine doesn't have a OBD port on it and my son who is a mechanic said he can wire one in if we have a wiring diagram for the CPU but the wiring diagram of the CPU that is in the manual is for a 3 cylinder engine. The manual talks about a MIL light that can flash out a code but I don't know where that is and even if I did find it they don't tell me how to read it. I have tried the coil and the map sensor and that didn't help I checked the TPS and it checks OK. I emailed Joyner and all I got from them is there should be a OBD port on it and then they said they checked and found some don't have it, No help from them. Anybody run into this problem or know were I can turn to get some help on this, even a good wiring diagram of the CPU would be a big help. Thanks for you help

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