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  1. Sorry for not getting back. but the doors zip in or out. They fit well. It is made better than I thought it would be.
  2. I have been looking for a cab enclosure for my 3010. I accidently came across one for a 4010 on Amazon for $27. 00. I could not find out if it fit or not but for 27 bucks I figured I would try it. It fit better than I thought it would. If you don't have a windshield, you will have a good gap at the bottom. But with a wind shield it works great. Enough that I ordered a second one for later. Just figured I would let people know.
  3. I have a 3010 with about 400 hours. It runs great and idles great but can be hard to start. Even at 100 degrees outside you have to choke it to start after that it runs well. Could use help so the wife can start it easier.
  4. I will. If they feel about the same I will put them back for later use.
  5. For the most part, yes and exhaust. At just under 3 bucks for OEM springs I have ordered a new set.
  6. I pulled the valve covers off the mule to adjust the valves. They have been tapping loudly. The two exhaust were correct but the 2 intakes were around .023. But the question is this As I was adjusting I found I could easy open the valve by lightly pressing. Should they should be stiffer than that?
  7. Travis, At that RPM maybe its ok. I just know when it engages its good bump
  8. I have my new to me 07 3010 running great. But I have a question It seems to rev high before the belt engages. I put a new belt on but it didn't help. Is there some adjustment I need to look at?
  9. So what pressure did you end up at?
  10. I guess ill have to read up on the carb. Is it not vented? If so too much fuel would run out the vent. Gas washing the cylinder should only be able if you oversized the jet. The jet plus maybe needle adjustment should set up max fuel in the cylinder. Pressure in the bowl should not effect how much fuel goes in the cylinder unless it is way off. I could see more trouble if this was a diaphragm type carb but it's not, it's a float type. As I understand the fuel relay, when the ignitor is on/running, the relay is on. No mater what pump you use, 12 volts is 12 volts. I did however order afte
  11. I am running with out the fuel relay at the moment. I have one on order but it hasn't came in yet. If I ran a regulator, what should it be set at?
  12. I put the governor back where it was but don't understand going boom when the sticker on the frame show max power at 3600 rpm's. Normally max will be below red line. But being it didn't seem to help overall speed, no need to bump it up. I haven't done a compression check yet as my gauge must be held in place. As far as the fuel pump it is running great with out a regulator, no flooding. The Mr Gasket 42S max pressure is 3.5 pounds. Now I don't know what the specs on the original pump was but most float type needle and seats can easily hold 3.5 psi.
  13. Coil has been replaced then the fuel pump goes out. I replaced it with a Mr Gasket fuel pump. Its running great now but I do have a question. I modified the governor by drilling the holes and set the RPM's at 3000 full throttle in neutral. But when I took it out for a spin it ran the same speed of 22 mph. The motor has about 2000 hours but runs great and doesn't smoke. I'll do a compression test today and see where that's at. Could it be the motor is too weak to run up faster under load?
  14. The rear coil is bad. I hope to pick one up tomorrow. Then it died altogether turned out to be the fuel relay. I’m not sure what it’s suppose to be doing. I jump it out for the moment
  15. I have just purchased a 07 3010 Mule. It has high hours at 1900 but has been well taken care of. It seems to run well but just a bit weak. Every now and then I hear a clinging sound that may be a ignition spark to ground but I can't seem to find it. It will not do it when I'm looking. Also the back plug is showing its rich. It is black in no time where the front is a lite brown. I did find it had the wrong plugs so I changed them, but no help. As I have just got this I was wondering what do I need to look at as far as simple mods or weak points. Thanks for your help

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