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  1. Yep. Finally got it. Thanks.👍
  2. 18 mm thin walled 12 point deep socket. Wasnt cheap either!!!
  3. Waiting on my socket i ordered. Should be here tomorrow. Ill let you know. Thanks
  4. Rifman


  5. Ok. Ill try that. Hard to really see with the way the sparkplug/cylinder is positioned. Thanks
  6. Wont fit. Maybe i need a thin walled socket????
  7. When you turn the key it has a delay. It doesn't start right away. But there isn't any cranking. Turn key. Delay. Starts.
  8. Do all Challenger 700 have a delay when you start them or is it just mine?
  9. How do you get the sparkplug out of a challenger 700???? None of my sockets fit.
  10. Where can i get wheels for my cub cadet challenger 700?

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