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  1. OK here what i found out. The older modle had a 20" shock and the new modles have an 18" I have the 18" on but it is costing alot of ground clearance. I talk to HJoyner and the 20" are on back order and sounded like it maybe a long time. I am going to start looking into other options. any suggestions.
  2. AZ Bound Dennis Got the schocks thanks for your help. Gordy was very helpful and i hope he like buffolo wild wings. I put them on and should be back on the road soon. Interesting thing is they were about and inch shorter and this is going to cost some ground clearance. Does anyone know if the t-2 vs t-4 front shocks are differnt sizes or can someone get me a messurement on a t-2 stock shock. Is there any other concerns with running a shorter schock?
  3. I think what happened, the is the the shock started to to fail It was leaking at one point and the bottom seal have slipped out then the plunger must have slip out causing it jam or freeze the shock and so it had to give somewhere. I am just lucky it broke the way it did. I havn't taken apart yet will try to do this weekend and i see if a can tell anymore. I am still just hoping nothing else is wrong. swing arm or what have you.
  4. Damn really all 4 that is cool thanks . Gilbert is about an hour south of phoenix and is about 250 miles one way I am not sure when i can find time to get up there there, any chance your buddy would drop them at a UPS store and i'll pay the shipping and something for the trouble. I check with the UPS store in Bullhead they said i can pay for shipping over the phone if he'll drop them there. (here you are hooking me up and i am asking for more not very cool so i understand if that doesn't work but like i said i can do something for the trouble.) The UPS Storewww.theupsstorelocal.com
  5. Az Bound I would be interested I really only need the one if I am going to stay stock (but then again maybe a few spares aren't a bad idea ). How much do you want for it? The crazy thing is i didn't even realize it happened till i stopped. I noticed the shock was leaking after being out for a little while so i started heading back to the truck went down a pretty rough hill but nothing to crazy and drove another few 100 yards to the truck got out was walking aroung then noticed it. it was wierd .
  6. I am in AZ and it was the easiest thing. If you can register street leagle here does it transfer to CA?
  7. OK new to the forum great info I just bought a used trooper. it had been wrecked. I replaced rollcage, both rear swing arms, rear axle, water pump,etc. Runs strong and i am still feeling good about it, but on the first trip out this happened. I read thru some of the shock posts and will be replacing. are the stock shocks that cheap or was this just one of those things?

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