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  1. This is frustrating to me. California sucks...but there must be some loophole. The trooper comes stock with headlights, taillights, turn signals, reverse lights, and side view mirrors not to mention a catalytic converter. I've added a rear view mirror and a quiet muffler off my R1 streetbike and it now sounds like a honda. Everything is in place besides street legal tires, which I'd gladly go get if I could get a license plate for the thing. I live right near some great riding but it's for street legal only. I can back the trooper out of my driveway and get to 100 miles of dirt fire tr
  2. I used the stock endpipe from my yamaha r1. Titanium so it's light and dead quiet. The loudest thing on the engine now is the fan. if you go to r1forum.com I'm sure there are a hundred people on there with aftermarket exhausts that will give you the stocker for next to nothing.
  3. turned out to be bad fuel. I ran some octane booster in the tank that was giving me trouble and changed the plugs but it still did the same thing. as soon as I added fresh fuel though the problem went away. starts fine now. good thing, because after a weekend of driving it like a baja car I've got some ideas for mods that I'd like to do instead of spending time chasing down a starting issue. thanks for all the feedback.
  4. rocmoc, yes i'm waiting for the fuel pump to pressurize the lines and the fan to stop. without applying any throttle it will kick over and immediately die. it appears to be a tuning problem....just wondering what an experienced mechanic would try first to diagnose the problem. it starts everytime if I give it gas....
  5. My 08 trooper is no longer "turn-key". it won't start unless i give it some gas. once it's running it idles down and acts perfectly normal. any ideas? on dirtbikes it's usually valves, but this ain't no dirtbike. the mighty trooper has about 700km on it and I've done nothing to it so far but an oil change. what should I try and in what order?
  6. I had to go down a very long steep rock crawler trail a couple weekends ago. By the end of the trail (I actually don't think it was a trail at all in retrospect) my clutch was making a lot of stink and it was slipping quite a bit. I see the clutch as a weak link and would love to upgrade. Has anyone successfully done this yet?
  7. My guess is water in the fuel as well. I know that on my trooper, the rubber gasket on the top of the fuel tank doesn't perfectly seal it. When I top it off, a little bit of gas can seep out. If you were hosing it off with any pressure in this area, I'll bet you got some water in the tank. In any case, I'd suspect the fuel as the problem first and go from there. As for the mileage, are you sure that your odometer doesn't say 16.2? The odometer is in kilometers, so it makes sense that an 11 mile ride would end up in about the 16km range.
  8. The highlift jack (farm jack) was the way I decided to go actually. I purchased it from harbor freight for $39.99 or $49.99. I drilled a couple of holes through the rear bumper support and put some threaded tie rod in there. I then used some rubber bushings(like you have as bump stops on a shock) and fender washers at the appropriate height to secure the jack through its own holes. I decided to go with monster wing nuts to hold it down. No tools required but it's still pretty secure. This thing is heavy, but lets face it...the trooper is already heavy but has plenty of power with th
  9. In the interest of always being prepared for trailside fixes (I go out as the solo vehicle quite a bit), I want to carry a spare fuel pump. Electric fuel pumps always seem to fail unexpectedly in cars, so it seems like a good idea. The joyner dealer quoted me $215 and had one in stock (which tells me they commonly break). They said it was a bosch pump. I have to believe that this bosch pump is available through a local autoparts store much cheaper. Does anyone have this number? Does anyone know of another alternative to this pump? Thanks for the input. Also, as a newcomer to this b

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