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  1. gutwrencher

    Trooper muffler

    Thanks for everybody's input. I decided to have the local shop where I purchased my trooper fabricate a muffler for me. Figure this is best and easiest as I am having them throw on a new set of 28" Interco Swamp Lite tires. /gut
  2. gutwrencher

    Car Covers for T2-T4

    Thanks Paiute, I did see those other posts about Joyner, was a bit of a surprise indeed. Hopefully things will turn around, but Im not holding my breath.
  3. gutwrencher

    Car Covers for T2-T4

    Do you have a link or a search string that could be helpful? Thanks gut
  4. gutwrencher

    Trooper muffler

    I am looking to upgrade or replace the factory muffler on my T2. Im not necessarily looking to increase performance, I just really want to quiet it as much as possible. I ran across this item online: Muffler for Trooper T2 [Muffler - 1100cc T2] - $180.00 : Va Dune Buggy, Big Go Karts For The Big Kid In All Of Us. Anyone have knowledge or experience with this product? I dont want to be doing a bunch of hacking so am looking for something more or less bolt on or minimal modification. Any input would be greatly appreciated! /gutwrencher
  5. gutwrencher

    Rear cargo net

    I am wanting to put a net or webbing similar to what you see in place of tailgates on some trucks. Reference link = http://www.aztrucks.com/covercraft_product...et_Tailgate_Net Does anyone know of something along these lines I could use to enclose the Trooper's rear cargo area? thanks! gut
  6. gutwrencher

    few pics of the my new trooper

    Here is a link to the ITP SS rims I am running - SS212 machined: http://www.itptires.com/utilityatv/ss212.html PS - This is the pic I took of the lugs to show the minimal clearance and the necessity of a thin wall 18mm socket.
  7. gutwrencher

    anti-dust for windshield

    Anyone know of a product that will help reduce the amount of dust that sticks to the windshield? Like rain-x for dirt? Dust buildup is a big prob for me on these desert trails, I currently have a 3/4 window setup and may have to hack that down a bit (last resort) if I cannot come up with another solution.
  8. out at butcher jones this weekend.
  9. That is exactly what I have. 18mm deep chrome crasftsman socket 12pt. ground down a bit... gonna have my buddy grind me a spare too.
  10. Sure, I just need to borrow my GFs camera. BTW, my buddy has a shop and ground down a deep 18 mm 12pt socket for me and it works great! Gonna have him do a spare too. gut
  11. I have non-stock rims and the clearance between the lug and rim opening is minimal. gut
  12. I tried my standard 11/16 socket and it was a tad small, however from what I have seen might be easier to find a thin wall one. It appears that 18mm thin wall sockets just arent manufactured... I have looked ALL over the internet. 17 or 19 all day long but NO 18.
  13. cool, thanks rocmoc, Ill look into it. gut
  14. I need this for the lugs for my UTV rims. Having a really hard time tracking such an item down... Starting to think only alternative is replacing all lugs with smaller lugs or grinding a socket. gut