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Tire jack for Trooper

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I bought a $20 scissor jack for mine. It compacts nice, is light and lifts a good height. Im planning to mount it behind the passangers seat for ease of access.

I found scissor jack for $25, but its max height is 14" and I dont think that is going to cut it. :( I might just have to resort to bringing a couple 2x4s with me...

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I also use a hydraulic Bottle Jack & a block of wood. Jack point is anywhere. Main concern is the jack popping/slipping out since most surfaces are round. The block of wood allows for the spreading/distribution of the weight when lifting on the tubes & skid plates.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Guest Lenny

What I use is a pickup camper jack. They are available in various lengths and fairly light and will lift 1000# or more. If you look at the pics, you will see that I've welded chain grab hooks to the front (back also not shown) frame bars. The jack has a lift bar welded to it that will hook under the grab hooks. I can also use a short section of chain to lift with two grab hooks at the same time. This allows me to have good control even if the Trooper is on a side slant by the chain length I run each direction. I use two stand types, one a small round stand which is less stable but allows me to jack up and kick the Trooper over to the side up to maybe a foot or so at a time or forward/backward in a hangup situation. The other stand is a very secure tripod setup. This one is heavy now but will not be when I remake it out of aluminum. The jack also has an attachment that allows me to break a tire bead if needed out in the middle of nowhere. I carry full tire repair stuff along with a spare. I used my spare once and was stll out in nomans land. A second flat would have been a problem. I mount the jack in the front under the hood. It's held in with a pair of toggle clamps with a hairpin clip securing them from opening on their own. At one end of the jack is a T-handled bolt that I use to tighten the two jack peices together to prevent rattling. Since I expanded my under seat storage, all the accessory parts go under the seat with lots of room to spare. This jack setup gives me almost unlimited ways of using it with exceptional lift heigth.

2329624740104282158IBfKte_th.jpg 2398755130104282158ItPOhK_th.jpg 2707397280104282158kkVAxw_th.jpg 2671242950104282158PLldBY_th.jpg 2424280090104282158EkLrWW_th.jpg 2574298810104282158jLLjfS_th.jpg 2446390030104282158viyWEe_th.jpg 2152179030104282158XaGYpQ_th.jpg 2217599660104282158xWYEGg_th.jpg


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Guest Lenny
Your front driver side tire must be a spare as its on backwards?

It is on backwards and it is my spair. Nothing is going to get by you guys. I'll be sure to not try and fool anyone here.


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So I ripped the valve stem clean off my rim on Sun ... and was forced to use my scissor jack. Worked great even in the foot of snow I was in. With my jack and toolbox setup the change over was less than 5 min! No extra wood was necessary and the Trooper was stable.


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The cost might be high on these, but how bout a highlifter jack. Can't remember what I paid for mine. Was back in the 80'sRan with one of these when I was into Jeeps with big tires and liftkits. It is long, but you guys would be able to mount them on a rollbar or on the inside of the front or rear bumper.

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The highlift jack (farm jack) was the way I decided to go actually. I purchased it from harbor freight for $39.99 or $49.99. I drilled a couple of holes through the rear bumper support and put some threaded tie rod in there. I then used some rubber bushings(like you have as bump stops on a shock) and fender washers at the appropriate height to secure the jack through its own holes. I decided to go with monster wing nuts to hold it down. No tools required but it's still pretty secure. This thing is heavy, but lets face it...the trooper is already heavy but has plenty of power with that big engine. I tend to rock crawl mine a lot so the potential to lay it on its side is pretty high. My thought behind the farm jack is that I can use it to lift the buggy by the roll cage if needed to put it back on its wheels if I should tip it over while I'm by myself. Also it's very useful to help get unstuck....just like the winch. Oh yeah, and you can change a tire too. In any case, I haven't had to use it so far :)


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