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  1. mouser58

    Reliability, old vs. new

    No Poo Poo for me..Looks a Teryx in the spring.. DOn't want to do a diff job on a brand new ride after paying $$$$... Thanks guys for the reply . Will keep in touch with the forum and maybe one day when they get it right from the factory, I will get me a Trroper..
  2. mouser58

    Reliability, old vs. new

    SO.... Why no answers here????? THey either must be same ol, same ol, or did they get upgraded?????
  3. Hey guys..Haven't been on for a couple years.... Really interested in getting a Joyner Trooper.. When I was on here before you were having rearend and cable problems. I have read that they have upgraded the rear axles to CVs. I am looking to buy (possibly) in the spring and was wondering if the problems Have been addressed. The upgrade articles were EXCELLENTback then, but I just want something to buy and ride. Will be doing the 30 or 31" tire upgrade, but that is all I want to do. How is the reliabilty situation going now....
  4. mouser58

    CHery Engine info

    I am sure you guys have probably seen this, seemed kind of interesting. It could be wrong, but you guys have had your buggys torn down and been inside out of them. http://joynerforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=149&t=492
  5. mouser58

    Out comes the welder

    You should always disconnect the battery before welding on any motor vehicle. If you are worried about the computer, disconnect it or remove it from the car.
  6. mouser58

    Pulling Engine & Trans!

    NOW I remember. Sorry, getting old and forgetful (just ask my wife) Does anyone make Hi Per cams or Hi Comp pistons for those Chery engines yet???? Might as well juice it up while it is out on the bench. Even just shaving the head .0004 or .0005 would up it a bunch.
  7. mouser58

    Pulling Engine & Trans!

    Why are you pulling the engine??? I keep an eye on all you guys daily and missed something.
  8. mouser58

    Joyner's New Owners

    The idea that this company is wanting to upgrade the Joyners is GREAT, but the company sending jobs to China (since they are based in Atlanta) downright SUCKS.
  9. mouser58

    Smoky exhaust

    Usually this is caused by bad valve seals. Do these small engines even run valve seals???
  10. mouser58

    Replacement Drivetrain?

    The daughter has totalled her Saturn Ion twice and I have out it back together both times. If and when I get her another car, I will have a donor motor and drivetrain for something. Pipe buggys with old VW engines are big here in W.Va so I will pick me up a chassis and build something in a couple years from now.
  11. mouser58

    Replacement Drivetrain?

    Here's an idea I saw on Youtube. A guy took a Honda front wheel drive and put it in a homemade tube buggy. He stuck it in sideways and used one side of the output shaft to the front diff and the other side to the rear diff. You would have to figure out a way to lock the tranny up so, it wouldn't shift from front to back under load like front wheel drives shift from one side to another.
  12. Although continous clicking might be working, beware, you are slamming the solenoid gear in and out on the ring gear and will cause premature wear. I am pretty sure (with the costs of the other parts) that taking out the flywheel and either replacing the starter ring or perhaps a whole flywheel will be pretty $$$$$$$$
  13. mouser58


    Most people will agree with you on upgrading suspension as most UTVs need this, but at this time the thought of having to pay $12000 and then have to do a Rear driveshaft replacement ( if not already changed to CV), then rebuild both diffs (due to weak ring gear bolts) just for the sake of reliability, not a performance mod, does not give a real good sense of smarts.
  14. mouser58

    Trooper Won't Start

    If the gauges are electrical and everything was normal the last time you rode it, gauge problem. If they are manual, sending units probably bad.
  15. mouser58

    Rear Diff. blowup

    Probably backlash. You will need to shim the ring gear towards the pinion. Most cars are .0005-.0007. You'll have to check with Joyner for specs on you rear-end. If these are coming with way too much backlash, THAT could be causing the ring gear bolt problem.