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  1. So it looks like the low idle is on the left and high idle on the right. Adjusted the high idle out about 5 turns and now it will take off without dying once it’s warmed up. Still a little sputter when it is first ridden but much better than it was. Now it runs backward for a sec when it is shut off but I’ll try and fine tune it later.
  2. No. Changed the spark plugs but that didn’t help. The only thing done before this started was rebuilding the carb. Found that the choke does work properly IF I manually push it down all the way on the lever on the carb, so it seems like it’s just not getting enough fuel at first. I’ve seen other posts where the plugs on the top needed to be removed to access adjustment screws. There are two. Anyone know which one does what before I start messing with them?
  3. Thanks. I have new spark plugs on the way so maybe that will help. With new jets in the carb, I thought I might need to adjust something. Not much experience with that.
  4. 2003 Mule 3000 idles fine and runs fine once in motion, but sputters and tries to die at takeoff. It will idle fine when put in gear, but as soon as I press on the accelerator it will die if I don’t choke it. The choke doesn’t seem to be reacting as quickly as before either- it takes a few seconds at full choke for the rpms to increase. Once in motion, it runs fine again. I just rebuilt the carb, new air and fuel filters, and battery. Any suggestions?
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