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  1. We, Amercan citizens, are paying very dearly for corporate greed and our own personal greed. Our country is doomed. We have destroyed ourselves.
  2. I suggest not buying a Massimo Buck 400. It is rough to drive and steer. Probably okay for a tough guy but, not a woman. I have to use this thing on my farm. It is terrible to shift. The right headlight is halfway gone out. The charger port for a cellphone (?) doesn't work... Wish I had done more research and comparison shopping.
  3. I bought this thing last September. The farm store was extremely nice. But, forget asking for any advice like in the old days. They only SELL them and tell you to call the Dallas tech person. During the week days - I don't have time. Oil change: If there is someone who can tell me why the owner's manual (and the internet) says it holds 2 and 1/2 quarts of oil but, my mechanic could only get 1 and 1/2 quarts in it and there is NO oil filter. Please help.
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