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  1. Excessively high idle speed can make shifting into gear difficult.
  2. Bought a 2014 Massimo MSU500 in September 2019 for 1500 not running. The spark plug threads were stripped in the head and I was able to repair it without t taking the head off. It runs great now. Also replaced doors, light/horn switch assembly, and some other things totalling about 500. I am pleased with this purchase. I don't know if your 2010 has EFI or carb but sounds like your problem is fuel pump or fuse if its EFI. If its a carb it probably needs taken apart and cleaned. Good luck.
  3. The EFI computer sets the fuel mixture based on the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor. Since your spark plug indicates a rich mixture and your engine temp reads cold, the ECT may be bad. I have seen this happen on EFI cars. I don't think the ECT is very expensive or hard to change. Might be worth a try.

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