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  1. The part I needed popped up on eBay. $10.00 plus shipping. Score!!
  2. Hey guys. I have a 2010 Hisun 800 UTV I’m rebuilding. When shifting from neutral to any of the gears, it grinds a little before actually going in gear. After that it runs and drives great. I bought some parts from Motorcycle Doctor on eBay including a new CVT belt. I called them today and he said it may be the clutch. The belt isn’t moving at all while it’s idling. Has anyone else had this issue? A new cvt clutch is $500. I just want to be sure that’s the problem before I order it.
  3. I've tried eBay. No luck there. I literally have searched the internet for hours with no luck at all.
  4. Hi guys. I'm new here. Just picked up a 2010 Hisun/Tomoto 800UTV yesterday. It's missing one of the body pieces just behind the driver side front tire. Does anyone have a wrecked or parts buggy they are selling parts. Or possibly know where I can find this piece?
  5. Hey Justin. I just bought a 2010 HS800 yesterday. I'm going to be removing the body panels in the next few days to have them wrapped. I will look for your wires and take some pics for you.

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