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  1. Hey Steve, just getting around to where I can open my 800 up and look around. Are you still needing help?
  2. Hey Steve, I did end up getting everything running. Turned out my no spark issue was due to the voltage being too low from a replacement battery. After getting a different battery it all started firing. Glad to share some images back and forth to help troubleshoot once I get back to the house this weekend.
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  4. Hey ArrowLobber, hope you found a solve. I'm starting down the same path of rebuilding an 800 I picked up to mess around with, finishing up rewiring this week. I had an issue with the 30A fuse on mine not having a good connection and this weekend when I was messing around with the battery it would jack with me and caused me to investigate with the volt meter. Crimped it down a little tighter and fixed that issue (1 of many with this project). But now I think I'm hitting your same issue of not getting a spark (but my fuel is pumping fine)...Did you ever track down the issue?
  5. Good morning everyone, appreciate any help on this. I picked up a 2013 Hisun 800 for a project. Previous owner had fried a lot of the electrical with a bunch of aftermarket audio equipment, so I have been replacing all of the wiring to give it a fresh start. I'm 95% there with a couple of plugs I can't figure out where they need to be routed and the reason for me reaching out for help here. 1. A female 2-port white plug that comes off the end of the main harness, close to the side where the terminal hook ups tap into the battery. It has a Blue/black-stripe wire and a White/blue-strip

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