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  1. Hey Steve, just getting around to where I can open my 800 up and look around. Are you still needing help?
  2. Hey Steve, I did end up getting everything running. Turned out my no spark issue was due to the voltage being too low from a replacement battery. After getting a different battery it all started firing. Glad to share some images back and forth to help troubleshoot once I get back to the house this weekend.
  3. Hey ArrowLobber, hope you found a solve. I'm starting down the same path of rebuilding an 800 I picked up to mess around with, finishing up rewiring this week. I had an issue with the 30A fuse on mine not having a good connection and this weekend when I was messing around with the battery it would jack with me and caused me to investigate with the volt meter. Crimped it down a little tighter and fixed that issue (1 of many with this project). But now I think I'm hitting your same issue of not getting a spark (but my fuel is pumping fine)...Did you ever track down the issue?
  4. Good morning everyone, appreciate any help on this. I picked up a 2013 Hisun 800 for a project. Previous owner had fried a lot of the electrical with a bunch of aftermarket audio equipment, so I have been replacing all of the wiring to give it a fresh start. I'm 95% there with a couple of plugs I can't figure out where they need to be routed and the reason for me reaching out for help here. 1. A female 2-port white plug that comes off the end of the main harness, close to the side where the terminal hook ups tap into the battery. It has a Blue/black-stripe wire and a White/blue-stripe wire. (Pictures: https://ibb.co/m9PRDqX and https://ibb.co/9pHZsFj). I'm assuming it is another single offset fuse or module like the other pieces around it but can't find anything on what it might be or that wire color combination in the manual/wiring diagrams...anyone know what this guy goes to? 2. On the crank position sensor (torque sensor), the wires that I have coming off of that are a green wire and blue/light-gray-stripe wire (https://ibb.co/FmJLJfs)...any idea on where this guy is suppose to plug in to? Again, thanks for any help you can provide! -Justin

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