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No SPARK HISUN 800 help needed


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I'm new to this forum. I recently picked up a Hisun "Coleman" Trail Tamer 800 atv that was ran way too hard. I know this is a SXS forum but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Hisuns and there is very little out there about the ATV's. I have done a complete engine rebuild, replaced the crank, con rods, pistons, rings, head gaskets, base gaskets. cam chains, U joints, front a-arms, replaced all rear pads, repacked trailing arm bearings. Replaced the rear diff with a used one, have a rebuild kit in the cabinet. Put it all together, no spark. Somehow got spark and fuel and it started and purred like a kitten. Pulled the exhaust off to replace the gaskets, replaced the battery and starting relay switch. Turns over but no spark and no fuel again. Have taken apart almost every connection and added grease, still nothing. So jumped on this forum to try and apply any learnings from here to my project. I'm about to pull all of my hair out and Ima already going bald. Any help and input is GREATLY appreciated.


2014 Coleman "Hisun" Trail Tamer 800

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Hey ArrowLobber, hope you found a solve.  I'm starting down the same path of rebuilding an 800 I picked up to mess around with, finishing up rewiring this week.  I had an issue with the 30A fuse on mine not having a good connection and this weekend when I was messing around with the battery it would jack with me and caused me to investigate with the volt meter.  Crimped it down a little tighter and fixed that issue (1 of many with this project).  But now I think I'm hitting your same issue of not getting a spark (but my fuel is pumping fine)...Did you ever track down the issue?

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Bud you've got yourself a pickle there after all that tear down.  Just keep it simple and troubleshoot each system in order.  Spark starts at the ECU with a signal sent to the crank/cam position sensor.  When that signal gets returned by the sensor (timing in the right spot for ignition), the ECU sends voltage to the coil.  The coil excites that voltage and sends it to the spark plug.  It's that simple.  The hard part is knowing where the wires and components are.  

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Have a Hisun ATV suddenly won’t start, and wait for a bit I can start, but if I let motor be on, it suddenly stops after 2 minutes, can that be the crank shaft sensor? Gas pump is working, lots of fuel, started todau

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