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  1. After much research I figured out that most parts are Golf Cart parts. It takes lots of time to figure out the correct parts... I found the brake pads for under $20... Here is an Amazon link for under $25. https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-1997-Up-Electric-2008-Up-1993-up/dp/B07WD8DRQ1/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=ezgo+golf+cart+brake+pads&qid=1594300412&sr=8-5
  2. I had finished the Bulldog restoration quite a while ago... Finally getting around to posting photos....
  3. Yeah, I have been on their website and they have the parts I need... But the prices are insane and make it not worth restoring the Bull Dog. They want $139.99 + Shipping for Brake Pads!!!! As for the Rack and Pinion They want $239.99 plus shipping! I know other than the frame and a few other things they don't actually make the parts they are using. I tracked the rear end to Dana.. It is used in many vehicles including Golf Carts... I found good quality Brake Pads for $39 a set and cheap ones for $26. As for the steering, I took apart the steering box and all it needed was a new Bearing, Oil Seal and Bushing, which of course they don't sell.. They want you to buy the whole rack and pinion. So I got out the Digital Caliper and started measuring the old parts and gear Box. I found all 3 parts on Ebay for a total of $23. My next search is for a replacement steering shaft..
  4. Hi All, I picked up an old beat up 2010 American Sportworks Bull Dog 300 BD300. I would like to restore her... Does anyone know a good source for parts other than the OEM? I find $130 for brake pads is kind of unreasonable... I also need a steering rack and other things... I took apart the steering rack and it needs a new bearing and oil seal... Of course the OEM only sells the complete rack for over $200.. I found the correct bearing for $6.00. I am having trouble finding the correct oil seal.. Anyone that has info on one of these machines, please chime in... I am used to the ease of finding info on Polaris, Honda, Can Am, Kawasaki, etc....., Info and parts on these seems to be scarce.. Some of the parts on it look like Golf Cart parts as well as some look like Go Kart parts..
  5. Hi All, I have been restoring ATV's for a while now.... Started repairing and restoring UTV's a little over a year ago.. Looking forward to sharing some info here... :)

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