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American Sportworks Bull Dog 300 BD300 Restoration

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Hi All,

I picked up an old beat up 2010 American Sportworks Bull Dog 300 BD300.  I would like to restore her...  Does anyone know a good source for parts other than the OEM?  I find $130 for brake pads is kind of unreasonable... I also need a steering rack and other things... I took apart the steering rack and it needs a new bearing and oil seal... Of course the OEM only sells the complete rack for over $200..  I found the correct bearing for $6.00. I am having trouble finding the correct oil seal.. 

Anyone that has info on one of these machines, please chime in...  I am used to the ease of finding info on Polaris, Honda, Can Am, Kawasaki, etc.....,  Info and parts on these seems to be scarce..  Some of the parts on it look like Golf Cart parts as well as some look like Go Kart parts..


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12 hours ago, Travis said:

I would contact American landmaster. (Formerly sportworks)

I've heard they weren't too keen on keeping parts in stock after a few years 

Yeah, I have been on their website and they have the parts I need... But the prices are insane and make it not worth restoring the Bull Dog.  They want $139.99 + Shipping for Brake Pads!!!! As for the Rack and Pinion They want $239.99 plus shipping! I know other than the frame and a few other things  they don't actually make the parts they are using.  I tracked the rear end to Dana.. It is used in many vehicles including Golf Carts... I found good quality Brake Pads for $39 a set and cheap ones for $26. As for the steering, I took apart the steering box and all it needed was a new Bearing, Oil Seal and Bushing, which of course they don't sell.. They want you to buy the whole rack and pinion. So I got out the Digital Caliper and started measuring the old parts and gear Box. I found all 3 parts on Ebay for a total of $23.  My next search is for a replacement steering shaft.. 

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      I also have a Bull Dog and you are correct,  parts are way overpriced  OEM.  To make it worse I have the Robbins-Subaru engine so most parts have to be ordered.      would appreciate any information you have on where  you source your parts . I'm in need of brake shoes in a big way and can't bring myself to pay$139.00                             Thanks and I appreciate your help.

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On 4/11/2020 at 5:23 AM, vaughn said:

      I also have a Bull Dog and you are correct,  parts are way overpriced  OEM.  To make it worse I have the Robbins-Subaru engine so most parts have to be ordered.      would appreciate any information you have on where  you source your parts . I'm in need of brake shoes in a big way and can't bring myself to pay$139.00                             Thanks and I appreciate your help.

After much research I figured out that most parts are Golf Cart parts. It takes lots of time to figure out the correct parts... I found the brake pads for under $20... Here is an Amazon link for under $25.  https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-1997-Up-Electric-2008-Up-1993-up/dp/B07WD8DRQ1/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=ezgo+golf+cart+brake+pads&qid=1594300412&sr=8-5

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On 11/25/2020 at 7:01 PM, Fox Say said:

Hello that Bull Dog is awesome!   I just picked one up that needs some love.  I just saved your brake shoes link, Thanks!  Any chance you have a link for affordable suspension shocks?



I bought the rears off Amazon and I bought them a little taller to lift the rear a small amount.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H9YM6SX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The fronts I ordered off of Aliexpress. Look on Ebay for these. The seller on Aliexpress has raised the price significantly. I only paid $66.00 shipped. Now he wants almost $180 shipped. Just use his add to get the correct sizing. You should be able to get them on Ebay for $50-$60.


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16 hours ago, Rachel said:

Awesome job on your build! I’m looking for a roof for my Bulldog 300. Could you can tell me where you got yours? Thanks!

You can get them directly from American Sportworks.  At that time I ordered it through Tractor Supply when they were a dealer.

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Hello, love the rebuild! I have the same bd300 and I am restoring mine, currently putting a predator 301cc engine in it and its been a learning process, im using a non factory clutch on motor and its taking some trial and error to get it right. Could you post any additional links to parts that you may know of? I'm trying to find a cheaper rack n pinion, mud fenders on bed. I'll try to post some parts to links I found later.

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I searched for quite a while for a replacement rack and pinion.. I could not find one other than the ridiculously priced replacement from American Landmaster. I ended up rebuilding mine. It was not to bad to get apart.  the housing , gear and steering gear bar were in good shape.  the problem was finding spacers that would hold the steering gear bar straight and let it move side to side. I went to a local Hardware Supply that only sold nuts, bolts..etc. They had some spacers that fit perfectly. across the street from that place was a bearing place. They had oils seals that fit the open end perfectly. After I got the steering box greased and assembled I hammered in the oil seal at the end to hold it all together. I was worried the oils seal may come out with use, but months later and lots of riding it never moved.  All the parts were around $25. The rebuild was cheap and easy once I secured the correct spacers and seal.. The spacers were loose bulk and the bearing place opened the bag on the seal to look at the fit. When I bought everything I did not get any part numbers or sizes. The part on mine that was really worn was the steering shaft. The end that connects to the steering box was completely rounded out. I ended up making my own steering shaft with two steering shaft ends and a piece of steering shaft. It was much higher quality and would never strip out. But, for the same money I could have just bought the overpriced new shaft from American Landmaster. It would have been much easier.

As far as other parts.... Anything that is specific to the Bulldog can only be found through American Landmaster and some of those parts are no longer available. The Frame and Plastics: Fenders, roof, bed..etc are all oem parts. I bought those from Tractor Supply. They used to be an American Landmaster dealer until last year. They were much cheaper than American Landmaster and if I had them shipped to the store for pick up there was no shipping. You need to search Google for dealers selling these parts. Sometimes you will find old stock cheap. You can also use parts from different models that are actually the same part. American Landmaster will give the parts a different model number for the same part. Example: The rear fenders for a Bulldog are sold individually at a ridiculous price $60+ and high shipping cost. That is $120+ Shipping. Yet the rear fenders for the 265 model ( The cheaper version of the Bulldog ) are sold by the pair for $39.99 and can be found on Ebay sometimes with free shipping. They are exactly the same part. As for mechanical parts, most of them are Golf Cart and Go Kart parts.  It takes some searching to find the correct parts. Most I found were E-Z-GO Golf Cart parts.

If you have a specific part you are looking for and I bought the same one, I can look to see if I have the info. I bought the majority of mechanical parts on Ebay and Amazon.

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