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  1. Richard You might try changing the oil. They have a wet clutch and require API SG oil. Mine did way better when I changed mine. I used Castrol Motorcycle oil as it was the only one I could find out here with the SG. I'm 70 years old as well.
  2. Heck, my T-boss 410 will do 37 flatout. Speed limits around the ranch are only 25.
  3. Put more miles on it. Mine bucks a little but I've only got a little over 110 miles on mine
  4. I don't believe they have spin on oil filters. There is a strainer on the underside where the oil drain is.
  5. WhiteLightning


  6. LOL Yep, I'll be sure to do that.
  7. Fixin to change the oil in my T-boss. Any tips or suggestions? This will be the first oil change. Thanks
  8. I don't know how to lock / unlock the differential. I've only had mine two days.
  9. Thx..... Yup we Love East Texas
  10. Just got a Massimo T-Boss 410 to run around the ranch here in East Texas. Having fun with it!

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