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  2. @VernoI have already installed the upgrade kit, it broke off at the manifold, as Thomas stated, kinda thinking about putting the original setup back on it and modify the muffler to be a little less restrictive, but that involves cutting it open, and re-designing the baffles, etc. Not sure I want to take on that headache right at the moment, (I run an HVAC department, and this has been a brutal summer in NY for AC)...lol
  3. Thomas, I agree, The unit itself is sharp looking, but the engineering on this engine setup is definitely lacking, i plan on welding mine, its been sitting since the weekend of the 4th, i may add some structural ribs tot he manifold, it broke right into 2 pieces, and its not a clean break, so i'm not sure what the best course of action is, I think I'm going to have a friend of mine TIG weld it, as he's done snowmobile silencers, and marine lower units for me in the past, He's a master welder, so I probably have a better chance of it holding up if he does it, versus myself doing it with the MIG
  4. Well, I took it out on a ride this weekend, 4-5000 rpm pretty steady, mostly gravel roads, about 15 miles in the head pipe blew into 2 pieces, I would say the wrap is a horrible idea, serious metal fatigue, Just thought i'd give an update, now I have to try and find a model number for the 2019 750 so I can see how much a new head pipe and gaskets will be. I'm seriously starting to question buying this machine, seems like everytime I take it out something else breaks! I'll post an update on how I make out with replacement parts.
  5. I just performed the exhaust retro kit on my 2017, old system was way too restrictive, kept blowing joint gaskets, dealer warrantied the parts, I had to install, did you notice a higher idle? I have no adjustment to bring it down on my unit. Been a stout unit so far, I did wrap my header and exhaust pipes with basalt heat tape wrap, haven't noticed it glowing yet, moving the brake line was fun! (not).

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