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  2. @Travis lefty loosie righty tightie😂💪.. I gave up and called my grandson to come do it all for me. Thanks for the reply
  3. @Pedro Quinones I’m confused at the time of the break in period. Is it 25 miles or 25 hours? Also I can’t seem to set the trip odometer to hours instead of miles.
  4. @Jken I’m having the sane problem 😩.. I gave a book that was with the purchase but it does not show in detail how to change the oil. I have called Massimo 2 times and they act like it’s no big deal to do this but I’m a woman and I need to look at a picture!!! I was told after the first 25 mikes to do an oil change. I tried to loosen the drain plug today and almost had a breakdown. Called my grandson and he’s going to do it for me
  5. I was told by the Massimo dealership that I need to change the oil in my buck 400 side by side after the the first 25 miles as this is the break in period. I’m having a terrible time unloosing the drain plug 😩.. any suggestions?

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